Prepare to Move!

The 33rd Foot and the Additional Company (17th, 55th, 76th) march out.

Consecrated to service

For those of you playing at home, this is what "Fix the Colours over your Belts!" looks like. There have been many images posted from the 2006 season of Colours being borne by Crown officers who are carrying their Colours by holding them with the left hand at the butt end and the right hand on the staff.

To quote from the 1754 William Faucitt translation of the Regulations for the Prussian Infantry:

Fix the Colours over your belts! (3 motions)

1. Place your left hand upon the colour-staff against the hollow of your right shoulder, and bring the colours with a quick motion before you.
2. Fix the butt-end of the colours staff above your belt, and keep both hands in the same position as in the former position.
3. Slide your right hand up the staff as high as the left, and, throwing your left back, hold the colours high on your right.

Let's look at it from the other side.

Carried with pride.

You can see that young Ensign Prym's left hand is hanging by his side, and he is supporting the weight of the Colours and Staff by resting the ground point on his right hip.

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